Location based home services and advertising platform

Location sensitive
Precision targeting
Cartographical display

What we offer to advertisers

  • 100% screen space on the mobile phone, unlike tiny banner ads at bottom
  • Varied categories and levels of advertisement to suit the advertiser’s need
  • Tools to load the advertisements to the Tomo platform and manage the advertiser account
  • Summary and detailed reporting along with performance analytics
  • Higher CTR and ROI
  • M-affiliate model help you identify the sales through tomo
  • No fixed costs... pay per Impression/Click/Coupon

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We work with the fundamentals of economics. The supply and demand are inversely correlated, though the coefficient of correlation varies with the item in consideration

You have passion and preferences that may remain starved due to lack of pertinent information, or constrained by generic data or product. At times you don't even know what and when you want; it gets further diluted as you travel. This is what we believe is the demand.
On the supply side, we have the information to feed your passion, staggered or hidden in various channels and dimensions.
We offer the platform or the exchange that helps demand meet supply, thus creating the equilibrium.

We offer closer match by considering specifics of the demand, understanding the customer requirements and preferences. Add to this the location sensitive dimension, and our proprietary LARK algorithm increases the probability that the pushed information will be consumed. For the suppliers, we offer a great platform to advertise their products, or disseminate information on events gatherings, or any information that has a location based market value.
We automatically PUSH quality, relevant, precise and location sensitive information ..all solicited

Tomo helps advertise through the following channels:
Mobile application - tomo