What we stand for

Location sensitive information forms our DNA.
We provide location based services (LBS) primarily in:
location sensitive, customized and contextual advertisement platform that serves information to the right customer

We provide the LBS via
App model - Mobile apps

Please check our core product (Tomo) to get a high level description of our core expertise.
At this point, we are working in stealth mode, and hence the information published may be limited. We can provide more details on a need basis through our communication channels.

About the company

eYaksh was founded in 2011 and is based at Bangalore.
eYaksh.com is owned and operated by eYaksh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our core team and advisors
Vikas: Architecture & Technology
Richa: Product and monetization

Value proposition
Automatically push custom, solicited, relevant and accurate location-sensitive information to our customers

Mission statement
Earn a living with our best skill GOD has endowed us with

About the Name
eYaksh is derived from the hindi word यक्ष which means Demigod, who preserves treasures. Our company aims to find these treasures and transform them into opportunities.